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photo one.

July 2010

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photo one.

Sexual imagery of women in music videos.

Sexual imagery, women, music videos, vomit. How do these tie in together? It’s obvious. If you’re not smart enough to have figured it out for yourself, I’ll make it simple for you. The sexual imagery of women in music videos is horrifyingly disgusting. And to be honest, it makes me want to vomit. But not only does it make me want to throw up the contents of my stomach, it makes me want to fry it in a pan, eat it, vomit it back out, and then do the whole process all over again.

So how are women being portrayed in music videos? Due to high levels of sexual imagery, females are being shown in stereotypical, non respectable ways. These days, around an extremely high percentage of music videos are sexually suggestive. And in these videos, the sexual focus is mainly on the women, where they are being shown as sex objects. I’m sure everyone here has seen music videos where there are women dancing around wearing barely anything. The artists have the women wear tight, revealing clothing, underwear, or pretty much anything that shows the most amount of skin possible.

A lot of the things women are being shown doing in music videos these days would be classed as soft-core pornography if they only took off those tiny pieces of clothing they’re wearing. Take one of Lady Gaga’s music videos for instance. In one scene she is shown on a bed practically raping naked gay men. Surely that would be classed as porn if she just took off her underwear. While many women are dressed extremely provocatively in the videos, they are usually doing things that portray them as being a ‘whore’, prostitute, easy to seduce in sexual matters, and nothing more than an object used to satisfy sexual desires. Is this a respectable image of a woman? No, of course it’s not.

We all know that we girls have easily damageable self esteems, so how do you think the sexual imagery of women in music videos affects us? Looking at these images has a devastating effect on the self esteem and functioning of females, even if they don’t notice it. Seeing music videos every day of thin, attractive women makes a lot of us feel worse about our self image. A study found that females who watched music videos that focused on thin women who dressed provocatively, felt less confident, less physically attractive and less satisfied with their bodies.

The images of these women have been manipulated through the tricks of the trade, such as lighting and makeup, but the message is still the same: this is the way to be hot. This is the way to get men to like you. This is the way to be grown up and sexy. And for impressionable women, they think that this is the right way to act in real life. These music videos only highlight the sexuality of women, so they think that this is the only way you have value. What other values are these videos promoting when the girls are just shown as sexual objects? The answer is nothing. And that’s why these images are so degrading.

These images are degrading towards women, but how does it affect males? Simple. They love it. It’s blatantly obvious that guys love seeing women dressing suggestively and behaving sexually. It’s a natural instinct. No male can deny this, unless, of course, they are gay or A-Sexual, but that’s beside the point. Seeing music videos where women, such as Lady Gaga or Beyonce, are dancing around wearing barely anything changes their views on women and how they treat us. It makes many guys think that that’s how girls should behave and dress in real life. It influences them to objectify us and encourage us to act and show ourselves a certain way to please their desires. Many girls grant their wish by doing what they want, since that’s what gets them noticed.

The way women are portrayed in music videos is similar to the image of porn stars. This is the kind of image a guy would have a poster of in his bedroom that he uses every night when he’s having his ‘alone’ time. We all know that a lot of guys are already shallow, and these music videos are just feeding their perverted addiction and making them worse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ALL guys are like this, but to be honest, I’d say around 98% of them are. And sadly, music videos are going to continue to portray women as sex objects. That’s what the majority of guys like, and that’s what earns them money.

The bottom line? Music videos these days are repulsive and are creating an image of women that is not acceptable. They are portraying females as being only useful for one thing: to satisfy sexual desires. This is not only affecting how we women view ourselves, but is also changing the way males are seeing us. This issue of the sexual imagery of women in music videos is only getting worse, and something needs to be done about it. Artists need to realise that there are plenty of other ways to get their message across in their videos without having women posing in sex positions and being nearly completely naked. And to be honest, if they need half naked women dancing around in their videos to get their music noticed, do they even deserve to be musicians at all?


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